We are incredibly excited to bring you a market shopping option year round!  Customers can view and shop for products online, pre-pay, and pickup their purchases at one of TEN preferred pickup sites each week, or have it delivered to their home or work. We strive to make It easy! 

The online ordering system allows Producers to participate in ALL of our pickup sites and regional markets across Central Virginia while only dropping prepared orders at ONE location. Online ordering reaches a broader range of customers and areas without having to be present everywhere. Plus, we do the marketing, customer service, payment processing, EBT and Fresh Match payments, and delivering for you!  We even collect and remit sales tax on your behalf to save you more time! 

Lulu’s software allows us to create an online store front for you, whether you are a vendor at our seasonal markets or not. Producers can create their own profiles and upload their inventory into the system. Customers shop at their convenience and pickup their orders at their preferred site weekly. Through the e-commerce site, your customers can read about your farming practices and contact you directly with questions, so you aren’t missing out on those valuable interactions. Easily reach new customers and build relationships directly from your farm or kitchen. 

We will help you market your products by posting detailed descriptions of products listings and by sharing what is for sale each week on our blog, social media and newsletter. Listings are shared with our customers weekly. Our marketplace administrator is also available to help you get up and running or maintain your inventory page. Let us know how we can help you grow! 


from FRIDAY at 12:01 pm through MONDAY at 11:59pm.

Each week, list the inventory you have for sale that week by the time the market opens. The more options our customers have to shop, the more likely they are to continue to shop with you and RVAg!  The flexibility of the software allows you to add products as they come available anytime, including while Buying Pages are open. This is especially important if you need to remove products because something changes on your farm.  

You can view orders AS THEY ARE SOLD so you can begin to prepare your labels, inventory and picking schedule.  All of your orders are PREPAID. Reports are available on the site weekly at the end of the buying cycle with the customer and order details. We deposit every week in to your bank account. Please keep your 1099 and Bank Deposit Information current.. 

You will be responsible for packaging your orders, labeling them and dropping them off at your predetermined drop site NO LATER THAN Wednesday at 11 am.

  • Tuesday 2pm-5pm at Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen in Goochland
  • Tuesday 1pm-2pm at Randolph Community Center Market in Richmond
  • Wednesday 9am-10am at Manakin Market site, near Short Pump
  • Wednesday 9am-11 am at Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen in Goochland 
  • Wednesday 9am-11am in Carytown (prearranged vendors only) 

RVAg staff will pick-up orders and bring them back to the commercial kitchen where they will be sorted for delivery to our pickup sites. We have refrigerator, freezer and dry storage space there. There is limited space to store regularly rotating dry shelf or frozen products at the kitchen. Reach out to to check space availability.

There is NO Application Fee.  We take 15% (2% goes to Lulu’s software, +-2.5% covers credit card fees, and the balance offsets the work we do to process, aggregate, travel, deliver, and market your products).  Producers who stock product at the kitchen pay an addition 1% Pick Fee, which is pennies on the dollar for less driving and sale of your products at live events and markets.   



If you already have a Lulu's account

Start at the RVAGMarket hub and Log in with your Lulu's username (do NOT set up a new username/account).  Go to ADMIN and locate YOUR APPLICATION.  Open this and scroll to the bottom to SAVE and SUBMIT. The Marketplace Administrator will reach out that day to collect your 1099 and direct deposit info and your USDA or VADOH information if needed.  We will confirm your desired vendor drop off location. After we approve your application, you can then SHARE your inventory with the RVAg hub and SUBMIT for our approval.  

If you are a new producer on the Lulus site

First, create an account or log in to your buyer account. Follow the link at the very bottom of the Home page and fill out the Application under the PRODUCERS section. Please enter as much information as you can. You can save the application and come back to it later if you want, but in order to actually submit it, you must check the SUBMIT box at the bottom of the page. Include your your USDA, VDH or VDACS information to speed up your application; also CONFIRM your understanding of the payment process and CHOOSE your desired vendor drop off location. After we approve your application, begin entering your inventory for approval.  As we coordinate delivery of your products to all of the pickup locations, your items will be listed for sale in ALL market locations including Special Events.   


Questions? Please contact or (804)314-9041.  


We know that agriculture and cottage industries are essential to the vitality of our community, and we are here to help you!  Don't hesitate to contact us! 

Best wishes for a great market season, 

Lisa Dearden 
RVAg Executive Director