Producer Spotlight: One Hive Farm

Six years ago Navy veteran Jaime Fox set out on a six-month journey hiking over 2000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He knew he needed a break from the rat race and time to determine how he could slow down and simplify his life. It was during this expedition that he was inspired to become a beekeeper.

Upon his return he ambitiously delved into self-study, networking, and assembling supplies. Upon successfully making it through his first winter with one hive, he realized he had discovered a true passion. His hive count increased to five and he started One Hive Farm to share his bounty of honey with the community.

Like many successful beekeepers, Jaime trusts the bees to know best about how to take care of themselves. He supports them to protect their health and safety with as little interference as possible. The honey he extracts is a welcome byproduct of his beekeeping but his interest clearly comes from a true fascination and admiration for bees. He states, “Every hive acts and smells differently. Each jar of honey tastes differently. Each frame of honey is a snapshot in time of nectar that was gathered that particular day.”

In 2019 Jaime, his Navy Veteran wife, and their young son set out for another journey! They moved with their five hives out to Powhatan to give their bees and family ample land and access to wildflowers and vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. They typically use their beloved honey in tea and coffee and to glaze chicken and ham. One Hive Farm customers like its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and many take a tasty spoonful daily. They appreciate its versatile uses in cooking and baking.

Jaime now produces honey from a total of 12 hives as he tends some at a friend’s house in Midlothian. He sells honey in a variety of sizes and offers a deliciously spreadable creamed honey. He also produces beeswax candles he describes as burning longer, brighter, and cleaner.

Wouldn’t you like to experience the unique snapshot in time in a jar of his honey and get a boost of local healthy goodness?

Published: 05/29/2020

Producer Spotlight: Golden Harvest

Producer Spotlight: Golden Harvest

The Moyer family has been farming in Virginia for over 50 years. Vernon Moyer is grateful to have such hard-working parents as his mentors and support system. The family has historically grown food for livestock. Approximately two years ago Vernon was energized by the idea of working with his family to grow some type of healthy food to share with the community. With the help of his wife, children, and parents, they sowed 40 acres of beautiful sunflowers in 2019 in preparation to produce healthy, versatile sunflower oil. Golden Harvest was born!

Since the Moyers prioritize the health of their family and customers, they use a cold-pressed extraction method to remove the oil from the sunflower seeds naturally. Their high oleic sunflower oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E and additionally boasts a higher shelf life, fry life, and high smoke point than mid oleic and linoleic sunflower oils. Vernon describes the benefits of his family’s oil in his own words: “There is joy in eating something that you know is a natural product with a traceable history.”

It’s been a challenging and rewarding journey to create the high oleic sunflower oil of Golden Harvest. According to Vernon, “It’s meaningful to work and accomplish something together as a family and the kids get a taste of real work. Growing with integrity helps us represent and praise the Lord.” The Moyers enjoy using the product they’ve grown and processed together at home for cooking fresh fish and making sourdough bread; but Christina’s maple syrup granola might be their favorite treat!

Try some for yourself! By purchasing their 25 oz or half gallon bottle, you’re supporting a local family farm and your health! Give it to a loved one as a delightful, nutritious gift!

Published: 05/22/2020

Producer Spotlight: Four Leaf Clover Dog Treats

Clarissa Dery truly loves dogs. She developed her products with a sincere and informed passion to improve dogs’ health and quality of life. She rescued two adorable pit bull mixes with a variety of challenges from allergies and gastrointestinal problems to anxiety. When informed she should expect these problems to be chronic, she proactively educated herself and became a certified dog food nutritionist and completed training in canine herbs. Next she began making her own dog food and treats and witnessed a tremendous positive transformation in her dogs’ health.

Now she brings her unique and healthy Four Leaf Clover dog treats to your furry companions! Clarissa prides herself on the use of locally sourced, organic ingredients that never include grains, synthetic preservatives, factory farmed meats, or by-products. She feels good about the fact that she would eat every ingredient and states, “Every ingredient will nourish your dog and each has a specific purpose.”

Since she struggled to find training treats that were healthy for her own dogs, she prioritized making nutrient dense treats that are safe for dogs with a variety of health challenges. She named her healthy dog snacks after the dogs that inspired their creation: Stella’s Super Food Biscuits and Luna’s Delectable Treats. Dogs also love her goats milk based Pumpkin Spiced Latte on their food or in interactive dog toys. Her healthy Probiotic Ice Cream hits the spot during the dog days of summer!

You can feel good about buying Four Leaf Clover treats for your dogs. Not only do your pets get healthy all natural treats, but a portion of your purchase goes to shelters to help animals in need.

Published: 05/15/2020

Producer Spotlight: Kipps Grapes

Kipps Grapes

Kipps Grapes is a small family owned and operated pick-your-own fruit business dating back to the seventies. They specialize in a delicious variety of grapes and also grow some apples and peaches. Barbara, John and David Kipps took on the family business from their parents 14 years ago.

Working and nurturing the vineyard and orchard connects them with their father. Ward Kipps was a successful radio/TV salesman and repairman. According to Barbara, “He didn’t plan for a vineyard; he just blossomed into it as an escape from electronics.” His side hobby quickly became a pick-your-own fruit business!
Ward even partnered with Virginia Tech’s fruit development program to test grow fruit resulting in the Moored grape variety they still grow today!

Barbara attributes her love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen to helping her mother Beth harvest and can as a young child. In 2015 she began incorporating their home-grown, picked at the peak of ripeness fruit into delicious products. The apple butter recipe comes from a three-generation family tradition of gathering fireside to peel and cook apples in a huge copper kettle.

Published: 05/08/2020

Producer Spotlight: Hannah's Handcrafted

Four years ago Hannah and Brandon Setzer first experienced the personal health benefits of elderberry syrup. Since Hannah is immunocompromised and proactive about improving her own health, she was excited about the immune boosting properties of the syrup. Since the Setzers were already making healthy products at home like kombucha, it made sense to make their own elderberry syrup!

Earlier this year they started Hannah's Handcrafted to sell their 8 and 16 oz elderberry syrups. Now they hear from clients about their own health benefits, such as alleviating allergies and reducing the symptoms and duration of the common cold and flu. Creative uses for this versatile syrup include using it in smoothies and juices, topping yogurt and pancakes, and even putting it in mixed drinks. Most, including Hannah, enjoy the taste of the syrup on its own and numerous families report it’s kid-approved!

Hannah and Brandon are grateful to build a community of families passionate about elderberry syrup. They prioritize their clients’ health, happiness and satisfaction. They are proud to consistently deliver a product with simple, clean ingredients that is licensed by the Department of Agriculture. They use raw honey from Nelson County and elderberries from a co-op while they pursue their hopes and dreams of obtaining farmland to grow their own!

Published: 05/08/2020

Producer Spotlight: Hydro-Pure Microgreens

Producer Spotlight: Hydro-Pure Microgreens

Hydro-Pure Microgreens is based out of Mineral, Virginia. Producer Rod Cobble’s goal is to provide you with local, fresh, nutrient-dense microgreens. In fact, his microgreens come to you as living plants!

Rod’s journey began with a desire to prevent personal health challenges that run in his family. During this quest he became inspired to identify and grow the healthiest product he could to share with his family and the community: microgreens. Rod has a sincere passion for this superfood, which he describes as “a clean pure product that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients.”

The Hydro-Pure Microgreens website gives you extensive details about how Rod grows his product in a controlled, self-sustainable environment with a focus on a low carbon footprint and high nutritional value. You can feel good about adding his microgreens to your order!

Published: 04/24/2020